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Organizational Membership

The membership level we all know and love. With the organizational membership, all employees in your organization can access the exclusive member benefits SEEP is proud to offer. With more than 100+ member organizations, SEEP has commited itself to providing unique and fruitful opportunities for engagement and collaboration for our organizational members. This is the most expansive membership package we offer, and we are constantly looking for ways to enhance the organizational member experience. Read more about our benefits below.

Associate Membership

NEW : Associate members are professionals who would like to engage deeper with SEEP on an individual basis. While these individuals may be affiliated with an organization, the organization they represent receives no visibility from this membership. Associate Members may lean on SEEP for networking opportunities, participation in working groups, discounts to events, and more. This membership level is perfect for independent consultants, retired professionals, students, young professionals and other active professionals looking to connect to the humanitarian and development community.

Basic Membership

NEW : Basic members are individuals who want to stay involved with SEEP, but who don’t contribute financially. Basic members may receive SEEP newsletters, access our various resource libraries and attend learning events.


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