Operational guidance note on Market Systems Development by DFAT, Australian Government

Australia and other donors internationally have been implementing a number of programs aimed at making growth more inclusive and sustainable, using a Market Systems Development (MSD) approach, also known as Making Markets Work for the Poor (M4P). MSD programs reduce poverty by enhancing the ways that the poor interact with markets.  Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT – Australian Government) has, therefore, published an operational guidance note introducing key features of MSD and shares the lessons of experienced DFAT MSD program managers to help staff design and manage MSD programs. This guidance responds to a growing demand for information about the approach. It is based on three programs that pioneered the approach within DFAT and is applicable to managers of a new set of MSD programs that have emerged recently in response to current policy directions and strategies. The guidance will also be of interest to managers of DFAT’s other private sector and value-chain development programs .

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Source: https://dfat.gov.au

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