Changing the Black Sesame Landscape in the Dry Zone in Myanmar

The ‘Farmer Centred’ approach under the three projects, namely Building Resilience Livelihood Project (BRLP), Regional Food Security Governance (RFSG), Innovative Model of Resilient Food Security Governance (IMRFSG) has been practiced by Network Activities Group (NAG) since 2011. Throughout implementing those projects, formation of farmer Membership Organization (MO) and gradually to Farmer Development Association (FDA) at different levels were successfully completed. The farmer association has led several innovations with Good Agricultural Practice (GAP), for instance advocacy to government, private sector engagement for credit and market access of both inputs and products to be exported. This approach has resulted in improving the quality of sesame seeds in the Magway Region, higher selling price of sesame seeds, and assurance of a market through establishing a contract with a Japanese firm.

This case study was conducted by Mr. Bobby-Chief Executive Officer of Network Activities Group (NAG), Myanmar and distributed in the 2nd MKLF organized by IFAD in Bangkok, Thailand from 10-12 July 2019. Download for details at Myanmar_Black Sesame




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