Who can participate in the Challenge?

The challenge is open to individuals and organisations from all spheres: public, private, civil society. Also externally financed development projects that have developed innovative IT applications to support value chain operations are welcome to participate. 



Should participants be based in the Asia Pacific Region and should the submitted innovation be developed specifically for use in the Asia Pacific context?

The challenge is open to all participants globally. Yet, the innovation will be judged upon its value within the Asia Pacific region. IT innovations that are developed and/or tested outside the Asia Pacific but could in potential be used in the Asia Pacific Region too, can be submitted to compete in the challenge.  

Can we join more than one challenge with one innovation?

Yes, you can as there are 3 categories, one contestant is allowed one submission per category (3 in total).

What is the purpose of the price money that comes with the Awards?

The price money is mend as investment to further the development of the winning innovation in terms of technicalities or in terms of extended use. Within these conditions the price money can be freely used by the award winner.

What does the match-making aspect of the challenge entail?

The VCB-N as Challenge organizer will facilitate the contacts between developers / owners of an application and potential users. Yet, the negotiation process about use or purchase of the innovation is strictly between owner and interested user and the VCB-N will not interfere.

What will happen to the IP rights of our innovation when we enter the Challenge?

Each contestant will remain entitled to the intellectual property of the information, documents, videos and other items submitted in connection with the Challenge. Further details are worked out in the terms & condition  of the Challenge.

What if we do not agree with the jury’s decision?

The decision of the Jury to select entries proceeding to the Grand Final (5 per category) and the final selection of the award winners is done in accordance with formulated guidelines. Judgement by the Jury is final and there will be no possibility to correspond about the final judgment as communicated besides the jury reports.

Can we use the VCB-N Logo and our award title in promotion materials?

Yes, participants are allowed to use the VCB-N logo for the purpose of promotional activities connected to the challenge or their specific entry.



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