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Asia Agri-Tech Challenge to be launched

Posted by Tuấn Đàm - October 22, 2020

Coming November 2020, the prestigious ASIA AGRI-TECH CHALLENGE will be launched. The challenge is an initiative of the United Nations International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) and the Value Chain Capacity Building Network (VCB-N). This is the first challenge of this kind organized by IFAD/VCB-N and this years’ challenge will evolve around ICT applications in support of agricultural value chain operations. The CHALLENGE distinguishes 3 categories for competition and will award in total 3 contestants per category dividing 30,000 USD of price money.

Covid 19 has disrupted lives and living. The world as we knew it may not exist anymore. The stress put onto agricultural markets and food systems revealed cracks in the way they operate. Economic misery and even food shortage became real in record times.

Yet, the crises can also be a reflection and turning point. Some developments like the use of IT to support agricultural value chains and market systems were accelerated by the crises and are opening up new opportunities. Can ICT solutions contribute to enhanced resilience of agricultural value chains & markets in a post-Covid 19 era?

The CHALLENGE calls upon private sector companies, academia and development organisations and projects to come up with concrete and practical examples on how ICT solutions can support the development of resilient post-Covid 19 agricultural value chains/market systems that are more resilient, fair and inclusive.

For more information the website of the Asia Agri-Tech Challenge can be consulted at:


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