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Center of Excellence Small Medium Enterprise and development (CoE SMED)– Parahyangan Catholic University

Who we are?

In the beginning 2008, World Bank under the Presidential Scholar Funds has supported the UNPAR’s effort to empower the micro, small, medium enterprise, by establishing Center of Excellence in Small Medium Enterprises Development – CoE-SMED, which cover the micro enterprise as well. The vision is “Preferential for the Poor” has urged UNPAR to consolidate and strengthen the activities in contributing to the community development. The realistic contribution will be in giving support into the development and sustainability of the community base economic activity in SMEs. This effort is organized by institution for Research and Community Services, UNPAR, which establishing the CoE-SMED. The center has a vision to be a centre of excellence in Indonesia SMEs, with emphasis in sustainable growth of knowledge in developing of SMEs. The mission is to give active contribution in sustainable growth of local and regional SMEs through building up the knowledge base activity. CoE SMED is also part of Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) and International Council for Small Business (ICSB).

What we can offer

CoE-SMED has four main activities which can be offer namely: knowledge of creation, knowledge of dissemination, knowledge of application, and knowledge of conservations and networking. Each of the knowledge has the following activities:

Knowledge of creation

– Mapping of local or regional SMEs by conducting a periodically survey

– Research in various topics of SMEs by the center’s associate

– National and international research collaboration

Knowledge of dissemination

– Working paper, research reports, and publication on SMEs

– Center’s web sites which containing articles and reports, and electronic newsletter

– Annual research seminar on conference

Knowledge of application

– Training to be tailored for specific purposes

– Business consulting and Entrepreneurship for SMEs program

– Customized seminar and workshop

– Post graduate level courses

Knowledge of conservations and networking

– Database on local or regional SMEs

– Dynamic collection of articles on SMEs

– Collaboration with other center and networking


Our team consist of researchers who have balanced between strong theoretical capabilities and practical experiences in entrepreneurship, banking industries, community engagement, value chain assessment and social intervention. As our members are also researcher for Global Entrepreneurship Monitor and International Council for Small Business (ICSB), we have extensive experiences in conducting surveys, focus group discussions, interview and analyze both qualitative and quantitative data. As our members also have extensive experiences in training for entrepreneurship and involve in entrepreneurial activities, we have both practical and research capacity for identifying, assessing, monitoring and evaluating entrepreneurial activities and the impacts of government policy on certain issues.

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 Parahyangan Catholic University Ciumbulueit 94, Bandung 40142, Indonesia

 +62 22 2032655


Contact person:

Dr. Maria Widyarini – Head of Center of Excellence SME and Development,

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