Center for Technology Transfer and Services, Cantho University

Who we are

Center for Technology Transfer and Services (CTTS) is a supporting unit of Can Tho University of Vietnam (CTU), established in 2012, responsible for the management of activities related to production and service delivery, technology development and transfer of Can Tho University. Together with other departments in Can Tho University, CTTS is supporting local agencies in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam as well as local enterprises in provision of research, consultancy, technology transfer and introduction and dissemination of new products.

CTTS has currently 50 staffs including 2 professors, 11 associate professors and 5 PhD with expertise in different areas including economics, aquaculture, aquaculture, technology, environment, processing, rural development, etc., Since the establishment, the Center have been conducting various research activities related to value chain development in agriculture, aquaculture at national and regional scale.

What we can offer

As a leading center in research and technology transfer in the South of Vietnam, we are specialized in providing various services to clients including:

Training on conducting analysis of agricultural and aqua-cultural value chains, business plan and marketing strategy development for enterprises and farmer organizations;

Consultancy services in value chain upgrading, market linkage establishment, business management, development of distribution system of agricultural and aqua-cultural products for local organizations and enterprises; consultancy on market development;

Technology transfer in agriculture and aqua-culture, processing activities to generate added value.


We are proud to have:

  • A team with profound sector-wide expertise in agriculture and aqua-culture;
  • Strong partnership with local agencies and international organizations;
  • Ourselves as a strong unit of Can Tho University, entrusted by local and international partners as the leading research and technology transfer center in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam;
  • Many scientific results which have been successfully transferred to local stakeholder, farmer organizations, enterprises, and governmental and non-governmental organizations;
  • Good relationship with farmer organizations and enterprises in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam.