Guidelines on Policy Analysis and Policy Dialogue for Agricultural Value Chains Development

Conducive policy environment is one of the important factors leading to the success of value chain development initiatives. In this context, policy action research/analysis and policy dialogue aiming at improving the enabling environment for the implementation and scaling-up of inclusive value chain initiatives (VC) will be implemented in the framework of the project “Regional Training Network for Scaling up of pro-poor Value chain initiatives”.

As the policy action research/analysis and policy dialogue are interrelated in nature and the implementation of such activity is complex requiring certain levels of experience, further guidance to Centers of Excellence seems needed. Thus, the Project Coordination Unit decided to develop guidelines on how to conduct quality policy analysis and meaningful dialogue related to value chain development in Asia Pacific Region (APR). It aims to provide the network members with a general framework and guide them in the process of conducting policy analysis and policy dialogue related to VC development in their respective countries. The document is designed for the network’s internal use providing that all VCB-N members have profound knowledge on VC&MSD.

The guideline comprises three main chapters. The first chapter outlines the rational for having joint guideline and their importance in including essential terms and definitions. The second chapter describes the sequence of steps in conducting policy analysis in agricultural value chain development using the rice value chain in the Red River delta in Vietnam as illustrative case and the third chapter provides further detailed guidance on conducting meaningful policy dialogues.

Figure: Sequence of Action

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*: The guideline is protected with password which is shared only within the VCB-N

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