I. Edit the name, description and banner of the topic Covid 19: https://vcbnetwork.org/topic/covid-19-mitigation-strategies

  1. Go to Admin > Discussion > Topic.
  2. Find the topic in the list, the click Edit.
  3. Enter the required information and click Update to save.

II. Add the sub topic for the forum about Covid 19

Please follow the instruction steps in this image

III. Create a new thread for the forum, set the hashtags, external link:

IV. Add a Training event into the calendar of the right sidebar.

  1. Create a new training course as normal. For example it is named “Sample Course One”.
  2. Go to Admin > M.E.Calenar > All Events.
  3. Find in the list the item named “Sample Course One” and then click Edit it.
  4. Just click the Update button and it is done.

V. Add new thread of discussion

You have to login as a member. Click the button Add new Discussion then enter the required information. The discussion post will be saved into admin area under status of pending for the moderation before being published.