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Business Opportunity: Value Chain Analysis (Vietnam VC analysis experience required)

Dear VCB-N members,

Another interesting VC Analysis Opportunity for your consideration. Following is the several information about the offer:

A. Background
1. The knowledge and support technical assistance (TA) on Enhancing Agriculture Competitiveness in Viet Nam aims to support selected provinces to commercialize agriculture by promoting inclusive agribusiness development along selected value chains. The TA is aligned with the government’s Agriculture Restructuring Plan which focuses on promoting nationally and provincially important commodities where provinces have a specific
comparative advantage. The project will only invest in value chain investments that are market-linked and where the impact of investment increases value addition to value chain actors in an equitable manner along the value chain.
2. The TA will (i) undertake value chain assessment to identify constraints and potential opportunities for growing value addition, (ii) identify investment needs and modalities for building value addition using the proposed follow-on ADB loan, and (iii) build knowledge, skills
and capability within the provinces to identify future investment opportunities for inclusion in a long-term programmatic approach of commercializing agriculture. The TA outputs will provide input to a proposed investment program for Rural Agribusiness Commercialization which is
currently in ADBs lending pipeline for 2020. The objective of the investment program is increase targeted value chain competitiveness (Project). The improved competitiveness will in turn attract additional investment, advance quality of production, and develop economic
growth in the sector.
3. To support the project design, ADB and the Government of Viet Nam agreed to provide a knowledge support technical assistance (TA) to the provinces that will participate in the investment program that will identify value chains for inclusion in the Project. For these value
chains, the TA seeks to understand their current stage of development, structure, performance, challenges and opportunities for adding value to the value chain output. The following terms of reference seeks to develop a clear understanding of one value chain within
each Province including the structure, performance, opportunities and challenges faced by actors. The assessments will provide the basis for the TA to prioritize the proposed investment needs and for delivering capacity building targeting gaps and weaknesses both along value
chains and the services demanded from both the private and public sectors.
B. Scope of Work
4. ADB and the Government of Viet Nam have agreed that the participating Provinces will be (i) Can Tho, (ii) Tay Ninh, and (iii) Nghe An. The successful contractor will work closely with IPSARD staff and Provincial Agencies including DARD, DPI, DOIT and PPC
representatives to identify and agree on a commodity in each province for inclusion in the study.
5. For each commodity, the contractor will develop a proposed work plan within 5 weeks that provides a detailed work plan, specific details on the approach and methods to be applied, the range of skills and number of field survey members required to implement the work plan
and a detailed timeline for deliverable

D. Requirements
12. The organization must have relevant country (Viet Nam) experience in value chain analysis and strategy planning including farmer direct sourcing and extension system, value chain program including traceability systems and studies on value addition on crop production
13. The organization must have in-house staff capable of delivering the majority of technical inputs for the design of the assessment and the production of quality outputs suitable to inform government and donor investment programs. In house capacity with local and foreign
language skills including specialists with experience in forming and managing field survey teams, planning and conducting value chain focus groups, industry interview programs, data management and collation and analysis, and the production of reports. Preference will be
given to organizations that are actively involved in supply chain development and management with a close understanding of commercial imperatives within supply chains. Knowledge and recent experience of working within Viet Nam’s administrative procedures and supply chains for specific commodities in the agriculture and aquaculture sector is required.
14. The contractor will work in close consultation with the Team Leader (TL) and Deputy Team Leader (DTL) of the TA who have been engaged separately. The TL and DTL are ultimately responsible for the outputs of the TA. Therefore they will endorse the work plan, review and comment on the interim and final outputs and assist IPSARD and ADB with monitoring the inputs of the contractor. The contractor will report to ADB and IPSARD through the TL and DTL to ensure sound coordination of all inputs by the consultant team.

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