who we are

The Center of Excellence for Applied Science and Technology Development (CoE ASTD) was founded under the Rector of Padjadjaran University decree No. 2013/UN6.RKT/Kep/HK/2016 dated 5 December 2016 to developed strategic and systematic program on research, training, and community development for the new Padjadjaran University Campus at Arjasari Sub-District, District of Bandung.

Arjasari Campus is the third campus of Padjadjaran University focused on conducting interdisciplinary applied research, down streaming research outputs/products produced by researchers of the padjadjaran university, and organizing agricultural vocational program (degree and nondegree programs).

The vocational program in Arjasari Campus is specifically developed to train a millennial generation of technopreneurs who is ready to sustain our food system into the future in the face of a great challenge from the climate change and change in the demographic landscape. By doing so, it is expected the university program contribute significantly to the foundation of national long-term development.

To achieve those objectives, the university developed Arjasari Campus to become a teaching farm implementing modern technology integrated commercial farming. A student/trainee gains his/her competency by directly involved in the commercial production of various food products in different stages of the value chain from upstream to downstream activities. Graduates from the Arjasari Campus is expected to become an agent of development who adhere to a principle of the inclusive value chain in his/her strategic business operation.

what we can offer

CoE ASTD has three main activities: conducting interdisciplinary applied research, down streaming research outputs/products produced by the university, and organizing agricultural vocational program (degree and nondegree programs)

1.Conducting Interdisciplinary Applied Research

According to the research roadmap, there are several main project theme is underway:

  • Sustainable Food System
  • Inclusive Value Chain System for specialty high-value crop
  • Inclusive Agro-Industrial Cluster
  • Connecting City to the Farm

2.Down Streaming and Up-Scaling Research Outputs/Products Produced by the university

  • Commercialisation of Sweet Potato High-Quality Seeds
  • Field test and packaging of biofertilizer
  • Upscaling of biopesticides production
  • National System of Agro-Logistic

3.Organizing Agricultural Vocational Program (degree and non-degree programs).

  • Four-year Vocational Degree Program: Agroteknobisnis Study Program
  • Non-Degree Program (Training):
  • Business Feasibility Study
  • Basic Value Chain Analysis
  • Inclusive Value Chain Strategy for Business
  • Marketing Strategy for SME in Agribusiness
  • Developing Effective Farm Group/Cooperative
  • How to Create Start-Up Business?
  • To Become Agribusiness Technopreneurs
  • Smart Agriculture for Horticulture Industry


Our usp

Our Business Proposition:

With our technology and support from the community, we turn dirt, sweat, and waste into the healthiest food for our future generation

At CoE ASTD we run commercial farm which employed the latest technology in a plant, animal, and fish cultivation as an integrated sustainable system to reduce waste and the used of artificial production inputs. The system is designed to be inclusive of small and landless farmers as part of strategic adaptation to a climate change. The farm is part of our teaching facility to train the brightest and high spirited farmer who’d like to take a challenge for sustaining the food availability to a new level. CoE ASTD staff members and trainers come from the various background of knowledge related to agriculture production, value chain, post-harvest, and processing technology. Some of them also practitioners involve in commercial agribusiness operation.

Who we are? What we can offer Our USP


Jl. Dipati Ukur 35 Bandung 40132, Indonesia

+62 8122015020


Website: http://www.unpad.ac.id/

Contact person:

Ronnie S. Natawidjaja, Ph.D.

Director, Center of Excellence for Applied Science and Technology Development, Padjadjaran University