The Faculty of Agriculture- National University of Laos

Who we are

The faculty of agriculture is one of the oldest faculties among 13 faculties, our faculty is the leading educational institution in agricultural science in the country, and we provide educational services in various degrees such as Bachelor and Master Degree. Our vision is to become a centre of excellent for agriculture higher education that meet the regional and international standard.  The faculty has an excellent reputation in terms of conducting research, provide training course and consultancy services that can be utilize at the community level. We are also one of the 7 centres of excellences of the Value-chain Capacity Building Network from the 7 Asian countries that will be provide an exceptional high quality training standard in value chain in Lao PDR.

What we can offer

Our institutions can offer ranges of training program such as: value chain analysis for, consumer survey, cattle feed, goat feed, chicken feed, forage management, food processing, and food safety analysis. We also provide consultancy services such project evaluation, market survey, food safety analysis, plant health analysis, animal feed and project management.


Our institution has strong and high experiences in agricultural research and consultancy services. Our four researchers are recently received Excellent Researcher Award from the National University of Laos, and the Japan International Research in Agricultural Sciences and our research capacity is well known among the international research organizations and partners in terms of the research such as: ACIAR, CIRAD, FAO. We can ensure that our services met the clients expectations.