who we are

Building on in-country experience over two decades, the Myanmar Institute for Integrated Development (MIID) adopts an innovative and holistic, people-centered approach to research, capacity building and participatory development planning for improving the livelihoods of some of Asia’s poorest rural communities. MIID links the pillars of natural resource management, cultural heritage promotion, and governance and social development through its research, capacity building and development activities.

By engaging with beneficiaries as full partners, MIID pursues initiatives that actively target linkages and complementarities. In this way, we aim at ensuring not only that interventions result in the maximum impact, but also that people are equipped with the skills and knowledge to continue the process of development themselves, thereby contributing to long-term sustainability.

A recognised Centre of Excellence in the Value Chain Capacity Building Network, MIID supports sustainable economic development by recognising the interconnected nature of natural resources management, environmental conservation, good governance and social protection.

what we can offer

Myanmar Institute for Integrated Development offers:

  • Significant country-specific expertise, with in-depth knowledge and understanding of the people, culture, and geography
  • Intellectual and participatory approach, focusing on field-based research and development with continual participation from communities
  • A holistic cross-sector perspective on issues, integrating the physical and sociopolitical elements of sustainable natural resources management, rural development, social protection and local governance
  • Genuine goal for activities to lead to significant, measurable and sustainable improvements in the livelihoods of local communities

Across thematic areas:

Natural Resource Management Agriculture and Nutrition Governance and Social Development
Food Security

Climate Change Adaptation

Water Resource Management

(including sustainable Hydropower)

Rural Livelihoods

Agricultural Value Chains

Agricultural value chains

Nutrition sensitive agriculture

Farmer Field schools

Participatory Development Planning

Civil Society Strengthening

Gender Equality

Social Inclusion

State-Society Dialogues

Our usp

MIID specializes in Myanmar’s rural regions where governance, peace and development are critical issues. These rural communities, suffering from decades of civil conflicts are dependent on natural resources for their livelihoods, with high levels of vulnerability to climate change, environmental degradation, food insecurity and lack of social protection. At the same time, responsibility for managing these issues is an emerging concept for them. By targeting these subnational governments and local communities, in particular their self-management and governance capacities in the areas of agricultural production, sustainable natural resource management, development of SME’s, including heritage tourism, and social protection, MIID aims at addressing the core structural issues, and thus significantly contribute to sustainable and inclusive development.

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Myanmar Institute for Integrated Development (MIID) 12 Kanbawza Street, Bahan Township, Yangon, Myanmar

(+95) 1 545170


Website: http://www.mmiid.org/

Contact person:

Mr Joern Kristensen,

Executive Director


(+95) 9 423725162