who we are

Himalayan Action Research Centre (HARC) is an autonomous voluntary organization, which aims to help the mountain people by working for their holistic, integrated and sustainable development based on the indigenous knowledge, cultural values, and local resources. It was established in 1988 with the mission of “Empowering Human Resources of the Himalayan Region to Sustain the Development Process”.

HARC has been serving the cause of people-centered, people-managed, people-controlled and people-owned development process. It believes that sustainable development and good governance can be ensured only through active and effective involvement of the local community, irrespective of caste, class or gender. The collective and concerted effort is most effective in influencing the planning, implementation and monitoring of the development process. It strives for empowering the people in ways such that they can take their own decisions regarding their progress and build a stable society that is free of social, economic and gender inequity. Since then HARC has a vast experience of working with government departments, institution and agencies of last 27 years. HARC has conducted planning, monitoring, micro planning, trainings, different studies and surveys. Our expertise and practical knowledge in institutional building, entrepreneurship development, organic farming and technology transfer has got recognition at various levels. In Himalayan region of India HARC has promoted more than 25 crop specific supply chain through federating approximate 35,000 farmers into more than 20 apex producer’s organization like Producers Company, Cooperative and Farmer’s Federations. HARC promotes value chain in such a manner that not only creating opportunity through extending/improving productive operations but is also facilitating income and employment generation opportunities for marginal producers taking into consideration gender equity.

Our Vision

“Holistic, integrated & sustainable development of the hill people based on their cultural values, traditions and resources.”

Our Mission

“Empowering people to take their development decisions themselves & build a stable society that is free of social, economic & gender inequity.”

Our Goal

“Provide sustainable food security, socio-economic security and promotion of livelihoods to the rural poor households.”


Considering HARC’s strengths in promoting diversified value chain in Himalayan region as well as competency to deliver knowledge inputs on variety of value and supply chain management, HARC has been selected as Centre for Excellence (COE) under Value Chain Capacity Building Network (VCN) by Integrated Fund For Agriculture Development, Asia (IFAD); whose major focus is scaling-up of pro–poor value chain in Asia specific countries through capacity building and networking.

what we can offer

Since inception, HARC is regularly involved in strengthening and empowering the institutions and individual entrepreneurs. We organize training campaigns, workshops, educational exposure tours and interface with technical institutions. Trainings are provided periodically in the areas of internal management of the institutions, agribusiness planning, supply and value chain management, food processing, quality control and business laws related to micro enterprise. Apart from this we also train various target groups in the areas of Entrepreneurship Development, Marketing Skills and Rural Market Linkages. HARC is also active in providing consultancy services to various NGOs, government and private agencies.

Major Target Groups

  • Community based Organizations, their Federations and Cooperatives
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Voluntary Organization
  • Government departments
  • Private agencies

Following are the major areas in which HARC provides its services to target clients on need basis.

# Sector Services/ Input
1 Survey Study ·         Scope study of Agri- Horticulture & Floriculture sector

·         Scope study of Agri allied sector

·         Production Survey

·         Marketing survey

2 Planning ·         Business plan development

·         Procurement plan development

3 Training ·         Business opportunities Identification & selection (BOI)

·         Entrepreneurship  development

·         Supply chain management

·         Food preservation and processing

·         Cluster level farm planning

·         Product  development and standardization

4 Agriculture-horticulture practices ·         Climate smart agriculture techniques (CSA)

·         Protected cultivation/ farming

·         Nursery raising technique

·         Package of practices  ( POP vegetables & flowers)

·         Plant propagation ( vegetables and flowers)

·         Training and pruning of horticulture crops

·         Orchard layout management system

·         Integrated Plant Nutrient Management (IPNM)

·         Plant propagation through tissue culture techniques

·         Soil health management

·         Water conservation techniques

·         Organic farming and certification

·         Insect and diseases management

·         Seed propagation and multiplication

·         IEC and SMS advisory services on agri-horti. Techniques

5 Certifications/ Registration / testing ·         Geographic Indication (GI certification)

·         Hazard analysis and critical control point  (HACCP certification)

·         ISO (ISO certification)

·         Participatory  Guarantee System (PGS)

·         Bar code (Bar code registration)

·         Food Safety and Standard Authority of India (FSSAI certification)

·         Brand registration and promotions

·         Cooperative/ Producers company registration

·         Soil testing and advisory services

6 Marketing ·         Marketing orientation on  fresh fruits  and vegetables  supply chain

·         Marketing orientation on  value added products supply chain

·         Marketing orientation on  floriculture supply chain

·         Supply chain management

·         Packaging and branding of agri. and agri allied products.

·         Grading / sorting and quality control

·         Costing, Pricing & Price policies.

·         Retail Marketing & its management process.

7 Institutional management ·         Institutional framework and its significance  in region specific (farmer producers organizations)

·         Internal system management in farmer producers organizations

·         Capacity building on good governance system in farmer producers organizations

Major trainings being provided by HARC

  • Farm planning and management
  • Floriculture supply chain management
  • Entrepreneurship Development
  • Vegetable supply chain management
  • Horticulture crops management
  • Income Generation activity planning and management
  • Fruit & Vegetable preservation and processing
  • Training on Sorting, Grading & Packaging
  • Market and logistics management
  • Entrepreneurship and Rural Marketing Linkages Development
  • Training on Government Regulatory Framework
  • Farmers federation / Cooperative / Producers Company formation and management


Training methodology:

  • As a trainer, HARC follows an interactive , participatory approach and promote experiential learning
  • Specific methodology adopted to make training process effective include: role play, group discussion, interactive lectures and presentations, simulation exercise, games, audio-visual and live field demo and visit.

Our usp

At present HARC has diversified and experienced team which comprises of Agriculturist, Horticulturist, Floriculturist, Food technologist, and Research analyst along with Marketing and Enterprise Development experts. HARC also has well equipped in-house facility (e.g. tissue culture, soil testing, organic farming, protected cultivation, food processing unit related  labs and demonstration sites),  and variety of field level enterprise/producer’s organization, entrepreneur for learning and sharing of real time knowledge on value chain and market development. In the years, HARC has built strong networking with management institutes, universities, technical institutes; as well as knowledge pool of more than 100 resource persons with the purpose of imparting training and exchanging knowledge.

Training infrastructure available at HARC

  • HARC has three training centres; first at head office at Dehradun, Uttarakhand (India), second at its field office at Naugaon, Distt. Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand (India), and third is in field office Kaleshwar, Distt. Chamoli, Uttarakhand (India). All three training centre are well equipped with all training facilities like LCD, Audio-Video devices, OHP, IEC material and conference hall with a capacity of 40 people at a time.
  • HARC has a Common Facility Center (CFC) for value addition, quality control, and marketing of the produce at Kaleshwar; Distt. Chamoli of Uttarakhand (India). With the help of knowledge expertise at centre many entrepreneurs and group associations have gained knowledge to manage and run their small enterprises.
  • HARC has a well-equipped resource center for collection and dissemination of various types of information related to development. The centre is receiving more than 60 magazines on various subjects like agriculture, horticulture, entrepreneurship development, local self governance, agri business, marketing etc on a regular basis. Apart from this HARC has 86 publications in the form of booklet, folder, poster & pamphlet along with this 230 audio & video films have been collected on various topics related to agribusiness.
  • HARC is adequately equipping itself with latest information- technology, which is helping rural people in internet marketing. With its continuous efforts towards building knowledge of rural farmers, HARC is disseminating information regarding market rates of various agriculture produce in Agriculture Produce Marketing Centres (APMC) and whole-sale markets. HARC also has generated a strong database regarding information on logistics, input supply, buyers and technical institutions.
  • A tissue culture lab is established in Naugaon Centre of HARC through which trainings on tissue culture, and quality improvement of planting material e.g. fruit and vegetable crops is being imparted to community people.
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Website: http://www.harcindia.org

Key Person: – Mahendra Singh Kunwar