who we are

Yezin Agricultural University (YAU)

The Yezin Agricultural University lies in 19º52′ N, 96º37’E with the elevation of 340 feet above the sea level and situated in Zeyar Thiri Township, Nay Pyi Taw. It is 254 miles from Yangon city and 176 miles from Mandalay city. It has a total area of 360 acres and there is a variety of centers and associations for the students coming from all over the country. The university is not only a center of science and technology, but also the place which helps students preserving their cultures, talents and social status. Academically, the university has various fields of applied scientific researches and surveys where students can participate according to their interest. Being the only one University of its Kind in Myanmar, Yezin Agricultural University serves as the contributor for national agricultural development and human resource development programs. Our Motto “DEVELOPING THE NATION THROUGH AGRICULTURAL SCIENCE AND EDUCATION”

Vision of YAU

To be a prime mover of agricultural and rural development in Myanmar through human resource development and national supplier of scientific knowledge and technological innovation

Mission of YAU

To educate and train the national human resources to be professional agriculturists who will provide leadership to institutions in the agricultural sector and in addition, supply science and technology and contribute to national and regional growth and development of agriculture

Primary Functions of YAU

  1. Teaching and Training
  2. Research
  3. Extension
  4. Preservation and Promotion of National and Local Culture


what we can offer

  1. Undergraduate Program

YAU offered undergraduate program for five years program. First and Second year students were designed to be provided with a good foundation in basic sciences and fundamental training in various aspects of agriculture. In both four and five year programs, the final year students are required to select their field of interest for graduation study. They are required to do Special Research Project (SRP) as the partial fulfillment of the requirements for the B.Agr.Sc degree.

  1. Postgraduate Program: YAU providing (a) Master Degree Program, (b) Doctoral Degree Program, (c) Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.) and Postgraduate Diploma. First semester starts in November and ends in March. Second semester begins in May and ends in September. All postgraduate programs offered in YAU are based on the specialization subjects.

YAU organizes regular and several supplementary educational activities that enhance students’ learning opportunities. Resource persons and experts from local and abroad are invited for special lecture which is co-organized by YAU and Agricultural Alumni Association (AUAA) every Monday. Post-graduate students and final year undergrad students are benefited from this program. Topics of the lectures cover a wide range of field in agriculture which reflects the need of modern agricultural technology development, resource use efficiency for sustainable crop production, promotion of farm produce quality, marketing strategy and farmers’ livelihood improvement.

Our usp


The supervision of the YAU and its policies and affairs are carried out by the Administrative and Academic Body of the University. All actions of these bodies are subjected to the final approval by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation, and Ministry of Education, the Central Academic Council and the Central Administrative Council of the Universities, and Colleges of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar. The University affairs are administered by the Rector and two Pro-Rectors with the assistance of the Academic Body and Administrative Body of the University. The professional staff members of the university consist of one rector and two pro-rectors with the assistance of the Academic Body and Administrative Body of the University. The professional staff members of the university consist of one Rector and two Pro-rectors with the academic and administrative staff of over 600 supporting team. The affairs of YAU’s outreached campuses are administered by the Principals under the control of Rector and Pro-rectors of YAU.