About VC&MSD services

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AINovation has a unique focus: using AI capabilities to innovate and augment your business intelligence, to ultimately transform a better you. To serve our customers from diverse sectors, we are very keen on sharpening our expertise for important domains ranging from visual & language understanding, large-scale decision making & robotics/IoT, to high-level knowledge integration and use.

To achieve these goals, we focus on 5 core AI technologies:

• Deep learning of representations for both perception and control, combining bottom-up neural networks approaches with top-down symbolic machines.

• Probabilistic programming and hierarchical Bayesian methods.

• Knowledge graph for the acquisition, extraction, representation, integration, retrieval and use of high-level abstract knowledge.

• Planning at both geometric (e.g., robotic optimal control) and logic/relational levels; reasoning, including causal inference.

• Optimization, including Bayesian Opt, evolution strategies, and learning-to-optimize (meta-learning) in particular.